Adsense details. Tips for Google Adsense approval. Fully Explained

Adsense details. Tips for Google Adsense approval. Fully Explained

Adsense commonly known as Google Adsense is a google product that allows us to place ads on our blog or website. These advertisements or ads are maintained or in other words managed by google.

This program was started back in the year 2003. The ads displayed by Google Adsense generates revenue on either a per-click or per-impression basis. Google Adsense provides various types of ads such as text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements.

Displaying ads helps us to generate revenue, so it is a dream of every blogger to get approval from Google Adsense. Well getting the approval from Adsense isn’t a hard task but it’s not that easy too. For its approval, we have to follow some rules i.e the policies implied by the program.
One can easily get his blog or websites approved by the company if he/she follows some important steps. Though any type of black hat or illegal technique is not at all accepted as google’s algorithm is very much advanced and they can easily track you down.

Some tips for Adsense Approval :

1) Create A Blog/Website – Sounds funny right ?? But yeah – Inorder to get the Adsense approved for your site then first of all you should have a blog or a website. You can easily have a well-prepared blog within minutes. After you make a good looking site, make sure you add some pages; say around 5-6 important ones. Some of the must-have pages are – About Us, Contact Us, and Privacy Policy. Make sure you add some detailed information about yourself in the About Us page and give a valid email in your Contact Us page so that your visitors can connect to you. For the Privacy Policy page – there are many websites from where you can have your page prepared but it is good if you prepare it by yourself with some help from other sites. Also do add categories to your site and don’t let any of your pages remain blank.

Removable vs Non-Removable

Some important rules mentioned by Google Adsense in their official site for approval are :
– Your age need to be at least 18 years.
– The site should not have topics or content related to hacking/cracked software.
– Your site must not contain adult content etc.
– The site or blog should be at least around 6 months old.

Some tips for Adsense Approval

2) buy a Custom Domain – In order to get approval for Adsense, you should apply with a custom domain or a root domain. If you apply for Adsense with a freely available domain it would surely be declined. So it is recommended that you always apply for AdSense with a custom or root domain for fast approval.

3) Original Content – The originality of the content determines the ranking of your site. At the initial stage, most of the bloggers don’t value the originality of the post. They copy the post or lines from google and paste it in their site. Some black hat techniques suggest that copying around 150 words is acceptable for ranking but that’s not true.
Copying content is not at all good if you want your post to get ranked or indexed by google. When you upload a content which is copied, Google blocks your content from appearing on Google search. So basically if your content is blocked from google search, it will harm your reach i.e organic traffic.

Some tips for Adsense Approval

4) Quality Content – The quality of the content plays a major role in Adsense approval. As in the blogging field, we have often heard that “Content is the King”, which clearly means that if the quality of the content is good that your post is most likely to get ranked in google. Afterall google wants to give value to its visitors, so it will surely not rank those posts whose content is not up to the mark.

Quality content means that your content should be informative and at the same time original. When you write a blog, it should be useful to many. You should write your blog in such a way that your visitors have an interest in reading them and also suggest their friends about it.
Also, you have to take care of the length of the post. Your post should not be very short or at the same, it should not be very lengthy.

More Information

5) Should have at least 15-20 posts – Before you apply for Adsense make sure you have 15-20 well-written posts on your site. Because for approval you should have some quality content on your site. Although some get approval with a lesser number of posts too it is better if you have around 20 posts which in short gives your site a professional look and value to your visitors.

6) Visitors Not A Factor – Visitors are never a factor for Adsense approval. Usually, the new bloggers focus only on the traffic generation rather than the quality of the content. The quality should be given more importance than the traffic or the number of visitors on your site.

Well, the traffic is important for making money because when your site has a good amount of visitors, you can earn a good amount of money but for AdSense approval, the amount of visitors has no role to play.
Thus if you focus on the originality and quality of the post, then surely you will be receiving a good amount of visitors.


Hence, in this article, I have shared the details about AdSense and explained about it. If you liked my article then do share this with your friends.

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