Difference between the Internet and World Wide Web (WWW). Explained

Difference between the Internet and World Wide Web (WWW). Explained

What is the Internet ?? The Internet is the global system of interconnected computer networks that uses the Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) to link devices around the world. The Internet is commonly called ‘the Net’.

It is also called ‘the Web’ Internet is a network of networks that consists of private, public, academic, business, and government networks of local to global scope, linked by a broad arrangement of electronic, wireless, and optical networking technologies. It is one of the largest networks that links millions of computers all over the world. The Internet has continued to grow very quick and evolve over the years of its existence

Talking about the history of the Internet then – the Internet was started back then in 1960’s. In the Pentagon, the US Department of Defense, a networking project – Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET) was launched. It was launched to work as a network that would allow scientists and military personnel to exchange information in a war scenario without disruption in communications. Researchers and academics present in other fields began to make use of the network. In 1986 National Science Foundation (NSF) connected to its huge network of five supercomputer centers, called NSFnet, to ARPANET. This configuration of complex networks became known as the internet.

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Till 1995, NSFnet handled the communication activities or traffic on the Internet. In 1995, NSFnet terminated its network on the Internet and returned to its status as that of a research network.
It is difficult to say the number of computers that are connected to the Internet as they are in billions and are increasing at a rapid rate. The Internet offers facilities in the blink of our eyes. We can send texts, meet new friends, banking, invest, learn something, play games, watch a video, listen to music, shop, watch a movie, take a course, etc, and many others. We can communicate with a person living miles away in a quick time. In short, it is a limitless place to locate information and entertainment. Also, success today in the business world requires a good knowledge of the Internet.


The Internet is a packet-orientated network i.e when the data is passed from one computer system to another, it is broken up into pieces called packets using TCP. The packets are passed from one network to the other until they reach their destination. At the destination, TCP reassembles the packets into a complete message. If packets are not accurate, a request is sent to the sender to resend them. It is not compulsory for all the packets of a single message to take the same route through the Internet or for the same message to take the same route each time it is sent.

What Is the World Wide Web ??

World Wide Web is also called the Web. World Wide Web is a part of the Internet itself. The Web consists of a huge collection of documents stored on the computer around the world and the web is made up of various sites. On the web, you navigate from one place to the other simply by clicking on a like that appears on a Web Page. There are various factors which contribute to the proper working of the WWW and they are mentioned below –

Web Page – The Internet or Web, consists of a worldwide collection of documents. Each of these documents on the Web is called a Web Page. A Web Page can contain information in the form of text, graphics, sound,, video, music, etc

Website – A Website is a collection of related web pages, maintained by a government agency, company, organization, or an individual typically identified by a unique domain name. The starting of most websites is a home page. There may be various types of websites such as a tech website, fashion website, corporate website, business website, etc, and many more.


Web Server – Web server refers to the software or hardware that serves contents to the World Wide Web. Web servers use HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) to serve the files forming Web pages to users. In short, a web server is an Internet server that responds to HTTP requests to deliver content and services.

Hyperlinks – Hyperlinks commonly named as links are highlighted text or images – is a reference to data that the reader can directly follow either by clicking or tapping. With Hyperlinks, one can easily access a vast amount of information by jumping from one web page to another. You can select a hyperlink to jump to a webpage located on the same computer or to a computer across the world.

URL: A URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is an address that is unique to a web page. If you know the URL you can easily display any web page.
Home Page: The starting page of a browser is called the home page. It is similar to a table of contents for a website. It provides information about the site’s purpose and content. The initial home page that is displayed is selected by your web browser. Though we can change the home page at any time.

Web browsers:

A web browser commonly known as browsers lets you view and explore information on the World Wide Web. Each individual web page, image, and video, etc is identified by a unique URL and a web browser helps us to access this information.

By the above explanation on the World Wide Web, we can clearly understand the difference between them but still for our convenience below are some quick comparison between them :
1) Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks. And the World Wide Web is a way of accessing information over the internet.
2) Internet is a vast connection of networks whereas the World Wide Web is a part of the Internet itself.
3) Information travels on the Internet via protocols while the web uses HTTP to transmit data.


Both the Internet and the world wide web are explained above in quite a detailed way. I guess there should not be any confusion about it. But as we came to know that WWW is a part of the Internet, one thing is clear that the Internet can survive without the World Wide Web. But the World Wide Web has no existence without the Internet.

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