Fun Facts. Here is some explained fun facts discussed below

Fun Facts. Here is some explained fun facts discussed below

Fun facts – 1) What is the weight of the Internet ?? The question seems interesting right ??

A physicist in his research found out that the weight of the internet of the entire world is similar to the weight of a strawberry which is around 50g.
Yes, you heard it right.
In his research, he said that the Internet is made up of electrons and the sum of their weight is around 50g.

2) In this digital world, very few are there who don’t use social media. Almost everyone in this present world is on social media which includes Facebook, WhatsApp, etc, and many more.
But have you ever thought, how much of your life’s time you spend on social media sites??Fun facts
On a survey, it was found out that we spend around 10% of our life on social media sites.

Fun Facts

3) Did you know ?? Gmail was originally a free email sending platform where you can send free emails. It was inspired by a cartoon character and so it was a free service for its fans.
Later in 2005, Google registered its domain, and now its a service of the tech giant Google.
Though we can still send free emails now the only thing that has changed is its owners.(Fun facts)

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4) Pizza is something that we all love to eat. Either be a party or a birthday treat, Pizza has a special place in our celebrations.
But have you any Idea when was the first online Pizza ordered ?? Fun facts
The first online pizza ordered in 1994 from Pizza Hut.

Fun Facts

5) Have you wondered how many computers work for you when you search a query on the Internet ??
The answer is – around 1000 computers work for you when you search a query on the Internet. It takes around 0.02 seconds to process that information.(Fun facts)

6) Almost every answer to our questions can be found on Google. Google has the answer to most of our questions.
But in a study, it is found that every day around 15-20% of searches in Google is those which are unknown or new to Google itself.

Fun Facts

7) Everyone knows the use of email or why it is used for. Email is a way of connecting and also gain information too.
It was started back decades ago and the first email was sent by Ray Tomlinson in the year 1971. He was an American computer programmer.(Fun facts)
Interestingly he himself doesn’t know what the email was. It was a test mail and he completely forgot what the email was.

8) Everyone has made the use of Gmail right ?? Fun facts
It is found that the least time taken to open a Gmail account is 1.16 secs which is the fastest and also a world record. This means if you beat this time taken, you would a world record too.

9) With the increase of social media and similar sites, our finger speed has also increased. From chatting to writing a mail, we would go it in a quick time.
The fastest texter is a teenager from Brazil.


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