Mobile Game – Explained all interesting facts about this

Mobile Game – Explained all interesting facts about this

Mobile Game ?? Well everyone might be aware of what it is. From a kid to someone old, everyone is fond of playing games. Games are a way of releasing stress from our day to day busy life. Games increase the alertness of the brain and also improves hand-eye coordination.

In this article, am gonna share some facts on mobile games.

Mobile Game Facts

1) In the University of IOWA, a team of researchers has found that those people who play Mobile games or games on a regular basis are likely to growly old slowly as compared to those who don’t play games. According to this research, Mobile gamers seems to be around 7 years younger than other normal people. Sounds interesting right ??

Growing old slowing doesn’t mean their hair don’t get grey or something this way. We know that growing old lessen the sharpen of our brain but it is found that those who play Mobile Games or in short Gaming, their brain used to remain more alert.
So if you want to be alert and feel young for a long time, do start gaming, at least for a few minutes in a day.

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2) Do you know ?? That most of the successful Mobile Game companies don’t even pay a single dollar in their advertisements. Now the question is how they advertise it then ??
They place the ads for the new games, on their previously released games, and so in this process, their advertisement costs is almost 0.

Mobile Game Facts

3) We know that there are Mobile Games both free and paid. It is found in research that, only 3% of people actually pay for playing it. The rest go for the free or the MOD versions.
Still, besides all these, the Mobile Games industry earn a huge sum.

Removable vs Non-Removable

4) ROVIO, the company which invented the legendary game Angry Birds, is now an entertainment company. As the game performed so well, and along with it the company sold so many toys and products associated with the game that now it is an entertainment company in itself.

5) If we look into the Poker history or Poker Mobile Game App history, the first Poker game where we could use real money to play was released in the year 2006.

6) All App stores, either Android App Store or Android App Store, 80% of their earnings come from the mobile games, as games are more purchased compared to applications.

7) 37% of iPhone users play video games on a regular basis which is quite a big number.


Thus its really a great collection of facts

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