Removable vs Non-Removable batteries Advantages and Disadvantages

Removable vs Non-Removable batteries Advantages and Disadvantages

Removable – In this modern digital world, life seems to be incomplete without smartphones. In short, smartphones became a key need in our life. Understanding this situation the smartphone companies keep launching new smartphones each time with a better feature making it confusing for the consumers to make a decision of which device to be purchased.

The smartphone companies keep launching phones with good specifications and at a reasonable price that the consumers become interested in it.
Well, now no one purchases a phone only for its camera quality or design. There are many other features also to look for such as the Processor, Ram, speed, screen size, resolution, battery, etc. Although apart from these there are many more features to look for too.


Taking about the batteries in smartphones, like every other technology, batteries have upgraded too with time. Earlier there were smartphones only with removable batteries but now non-removable battery phones are also available in the market which increases its variety. Though both removable and non-removable batteries works on Lithium-ion batteries. But like every other technology, this feature to have their pros and cons which we will discuss below :

Removable batteries

Removable batteries are also known as user-removable batteries which means any user can easily remove or replace the battery. Earlier most of the smartphones had this feature and now too many phones have it. This type of phone is a bit bulky but has good designs too.

Advantages :

1) Easy to restart:

There are some instances when the phone stops responding to any external touch which in simple terms known as ‘hang’. So in this case of the user-removable battery, we can simply remove the back cover of the phone and pop-out the battery, then again pop it in and restart our device. Our device will run as efficiently as earlier.

2) Easily Replaceable:

As we all know that after a period of time, the capacity of the battery becomes less i.e the battery power decreases. Most of the smartphone company uses Lithium-ion technology in their batteries which tend to degrade after 2-3 years of usage. So in this case we can easily replace the battery after being damaged with a new one. Also, we can carry a fully charged spare battery (although most of us don’t do it) while going on trips. We can go from 0% to 100% real quick.

3) Expand battery capacity:

We all know that smartphone batteries comes with a limited capacity for a particular device. However, in this case of user-replaceable battery, we can easily replace it by a battery of higher capacity.


1) Design –

With the user-removable battery smartphones, we have to compromise with the looks and designs. Now it is the trend of metallic body and back covers but with a removable battery phone, it is not easy to have a metallic back.

2) Exposed to damage :

As in this case, we are given the option to remove the battery by ourselves and so we may get addicted to it, and so maybe sometimes in a hurry we may removable the battery without proper instructions and may cause damage to its parts and sim-slots too. Sometimes our phone might fall on the ground, and in this case, the battery or other components may get detached from the phone causing damage. Also in some cases, when the phone falls in the water, the phone may be damaged as the water can easily enter the device.

Nonremovable Battery

Nonremovable Battery also is known as user non-removable battery which means any normal user cannot easily remove or replace the battery. This type of phone has a good design with an elite look. This type of phone also provides many security advantages.

Removable Advantages :

1) Looks and Design –

With the non-user removable battery phone, we can get a very stylish design. As the battery is non-removable, there is no need to open the back cover and so we can get a metallic body with cool looks. In this case, we get phones with premier looks and gives us a luxury feel. The battery internally attached make the phone slim.

2) Not exposed to Damage –

As the battery cant be replaced by a normal user, the internal pins of the device is safe as the battery is not replaced in a hurry. Also as the back cover is tightly packed, so it is mostly waterproof. So there is less risk of the phone being damaged if it accidentally falls in the water even.

removable Disadvantages :

1) More replacement cost – In the case of removable battery we can easily remove the back cover and replace the battery but in the case of a non-removable battery, it is difficult for a normal user to replace the battery. So in this case we have to take the device to the service center for the battery to be replaced which will cost some extra money.

2) Computer – As the battery, cant be easily replaced, so in this case when the device hangs or freezes, it takes time to restart. As in the case of a removable battery, we can easily remove the battery and then put it in and then restart it but for non-removable battery, this feature is invalid. Although we can still restart the phone in this case by keeping the power button pressed for a few seconds.


Both batteries explained. As every technology have some advantages and disadvantages, they have their share of pros and cons too.

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