Web Developer – How to become a Full Stack in 2020. Explained

Web Developer – How to become a Full Stack in 2020. Explained

Web developer – A full-stack web developer refers to a person who is an expert in technology, who can work in both the front end and back end of any application.

A full-stack web developer deals with the Presentation Layer, Business Logic Layer, and Database Layer. A Full stack developer helps to keep every part of the system running smoothly. Some areas a full stack developer has to be good enough are :


Front end development usually refers to the changes we can experience with our eyes. Some languages or programs to learn for it are = HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, and advanced frameworks like Angular, React, etc. If one wants to excel in some development frameworks and third-party libraries than AngularJS and React, or even jQuery is essential. As technology is getting advanced, these above-mentioned skills is a must to be learned, web developer.

BACK-END DEVELOPMENT – web developer

This is the area where the programming languages come into play. Languages such as Javascript, Python, Java, Ruby, Node.js, and PHP are used mostly here. It thus recommended by experts, to be an expert in two-three languages and have a good knowledge of the best web developer.

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A database is basically a place where we can store information for future uses. Some skills to capture for this field are relational databases (MySQL), NoSQL databases (MongoDB, Redis), graph databases (Neo4j), etc.

Some Must have skills for a Full Stack Web Developer
Talking about skills, there are some skills which are very important to master. A full-stack web developer has to master those skills for a successful career in web developer. Some of the skills are discussed below –

Web developer

1) Knowledge about necessary programming languages

First of all, a good knowledge of HTML and CSS is important. As we know these are early skills for web design. HTML is used to input information and at the most designs on the web. Whereas the use of CSS is to take the designs on the web to the next level in web developer.
Another necessary and common language to master is Javascript. Most web browsers also use their scripts and also can be used in server-side scripting in web developers.
The process in the back end is database operations, user validation, and logical operations. Languages like PHP, Java, Python, or SQL will help in this field. Thus some knowledge from all languages is fine too.

2) Test your Knowledge

As we know learning a program is not enough unless we try and perform it. Testing our skills and making changes in the projects to make it simpler and look easy is what everyone needs. JavaScript & HTML/CSS is the base of any web development. A clear concept of this is great.
Make test web pages and apply the learned concepts in those. Javascript is the most common of web applications. Knowledge about servers and their functioning, networks, data structures, algorithms are also important.

3) Familiar with technologies and master them

As this field is large and many to learn, it thus recommended mastering two-three languages. Keeping the knowledge of all is a god but mastering one is most important. Most web developers fails because they try many things at one time.

4) Taking a Course

No matter how talented you are, taking a course will help you grow more. Either online or offline, a course will help upgrade your skills. There are many websites that provide courses online. One thing to keep in mind is, to avoid courses which are costly and promises to teach everything in hours. Programming is all about web developer practicing and it does take time.

5) Take up Assignments

Taking assignments can really upgrade your skills. A person can really test himself here. In this field experience along with skills matters the most. Taking assignments can help you understand the aspects of the project, which will help in the long run. Thus as the advancement in technology is at rapid speed, the need of a well-skilled Full Stack Web Developer is increasing day by day. Learning the perfect skills can really boost an individual’s bank balance too.


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