What is Web browser. Explain the  different types of such browsers

What is Web browser. Explain the different types of such browsers

A web browser is commonly known as a browser is a software application for accessing information. It displays HTML pages containing text, graphics, audio, and video files, links to various web pages on the World Wide Web.

A web browser is completely different from a search engine though they are often confused. A search engine stores searchable data about other websites, and to access those data you have to use a browser. A web browser can thus be defined as a special communication program that reads and interprets HTML documents on the World Wide Web. The browser translates web pages and websites using Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) into readable content for humans.

In most cases interaction is required i.e you have to tell the browser to open a particular web page or website. We can do it from the browser’s address bar. The browsers typically display the searched information in a fraction of seconds.

MOSAIC was the first Web Browser and it was developed by the National Center for Supercomputing Application (NCSA) in 1993.
Since then many other popular browsers are released which has many advanced features. Some of the web browsers are discussed below –

Internet Explorer – Web browser

Microsoft Internet Explorer is a Web Browser created by Microsoft Corporation. Internet Explorer is also known as IE and it was one of the widely used browsers in the 1990s. The browser dominated the market with 95% of share widely. Though its popularity has decreased a lot in the present time still it is preferred by many people.

As it is created by Microsoft, so Internet Explorer is a default browser in a windows PC though we can change it later on quite easily. It has a good user interface and the security provided by the browser is also quite impressive. The Internet Explorer offers various options like the toolbar, menubar, etc that enable the user to execute commands quickly and easily.

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Google Chrome –

Google Chrome commonly known as chrome is an open-source software which is developed by Google. It was released in September 2008, for Microsoft Windows, and was later ported to Linux, iOS, and Android.

The browser supports web standards such as HTML5 and cascading style sheets (CSS). It is a fast browser i.e when you click on the browser icon, it opens in a flash and also loads web pages or websites faster compared to other browsers, even when the internet connection is weak. We can expand it which means we can open as many tabs we want in this browser and it works fine without lagging. It can also run java scripts in it and it also provides many useful plugins. We can also add many add-ons and plugins from the chrome store. Talking about its security then the browser is a product of the tech giant Google and so it is very secure which is expected too.

Well every browser has some disadvantages so does it too – Chrome uses more resources i.e it drains your computer’s battery quickly. Also if you have a computer of 1 GB Ram or less than you might face inconvenience to use this browser.

Opera –Web browser

Opera is a web browser for Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems developed by a Norwegian company Opera Software AS. The browser offers a fast connection and its turbo mode gives a boost to your internet speed even on weak connections. It also offers a speed dial option which means we can bookmark a page. Opera also has a mobile version which is considered one of the best browsers for mobile phones.


The browser also has an ad blocker i.e it blocks the ads of most websites. Which is very useful in terms of security issues. It also has widgets – widgets are little Web-based applications you can run from inside or in some cases outside your browser.
The disadvantage of this browser is that it does not support many plugins i.e you cannot install many plugins for this browser.

Despite all these features, the downloading speed of this browser has decreased a bit in the past few years.

Safari –Web browser

Safari is a web browser developed by Apple and it is based on the WebKit engine. It was launched in the year 2003. As it is developed by Apple, so for better user experience it is run most on Apple products. Such as iPhones, Mac, etc.

As we all know Apple earns from its hardware and software and not from advertisements. So the browsers do not show any ads or pop-ups. It also lets you share whatever page you’re looking at via the “Share,” button in the toolbar.
So for good user experience,e it is better to use it in Apple products. As the browser might not work well on other operating systems.


The web browser and its features is explained above. Some of the most popular web browsers are mentioned above although there are many other browsers too. As each product has some pros and cons, some of it of the browsers are also mentioned above.

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