Why Android is better than iPhone ?? Fully explained

Why Android is better than iPhone ?? Fully explained

Android – Owning an iPhone is the top way of knowing if you are rich. After its launch on June 29,2007, it received some mixed reviews as we already know about its overpriced thing but since no other phone had apps or even a touchscreen feature at that time, it was a pioneer of the field.

But with the release of Android on September 23, 2008, it brought a storm in the smartphone market because of its user-friendly features and less price.
Keeping the price and features into consideration, here are some points on Android being superior to the iPhone .

Android Widget Support is Better

Any user on an Android device can choose widgets to be shown on the lock screen as well as on their home screen. which includes weather information, calendar, etc. On an iPhone users can add widgets but only on the notification center and Apple doesn’t let you independently choose any widgets. They are picky about what widgets you choose.

Android Provides Better Customization

Users of an Android phone enjoy more customization than on iPhone. An Android user can install new launchers and can also change the themes and main color of the phone. So if you want more control over your phone than Android is a better option.

Install Apps From Any Source

Unless you jailbreak an iPhone device there is I guess no way to install iPhone apps outside the app store. But on an android device, we can download apps from anywhere on the web which is not limited to the Google Play Store only.

Open Source And Closed Source

A big difference between them is of an open-source and a closed source. iPhone is a closed sourced system which means no one except Apple can make changes in it whereas Android is open-source which means anyone can use and modify it. Android has good revisions in the form of CM, MIUI, etc.


Expandable Memory

Almost all the android phone available in the market supports expandable memory. Now, what does it mean ?? It means that we can just remove the back cover or any slot and add a micro SD card which then becomes the added memory of the phone. Now, what does Apple do in this case ?? Well, they never offered an expandable memory and i guess they never will. In case of this you have to pay another $100-$150 to upgrade their devices from a 16 GB storage to 32 GB storage which on the other hand on an Android device that provides expandable memory, it can be done in only $15-$20.

Removable Memory

Maybe not all but most of the Android devices support removable battery which means you can remove the battery of your phone anytime and anyplace. As we all know, the functioning of all battery starts to deteriorate after used for some years. In this case, you can easily pop out the battery of your phone and replace it with a new one but in the case of the iPhone, you simply can’t do it. If the battery of an iPhone has to be replaced then the user has to take it to the Apple store or some store to service it. In some cases when the phone stops responding removable batter becomes very useful as you can easily pop it out and then pop it in and switch it on.

Google Maps Better on Android 

The iPhone users can download the google maps but can’t makes it the default app. Which means Siri will always get directions in Apple Maps. The Apple maps are better now than its launch, but it still misses many places. Streets and often sends onto weird routes.
On Android, Google Maps offers better directions in most places, better directions while driving, and many points of interest. And it by default opens in Google Maps unless you choose an alternative app.

Multitasking on Android

The top Android companies like Samsung LG etc supports multitasking i.e at least up to two apps at a time. It means that we can chat and look at a document or watch some videos at the same time.
The iPhone on the other hand does not support this feature. Although Apple added this feature in Ipad, so far it is not available on the iPhone.


Lastly, both Android and iPhones have their advantages and disadvantages. But as the Android advantages overpower the features we get in an Ipone, so as per my opinion. Android is a better option to opt for as there are many more advantages. And I have written only a few.

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